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Once you have made your decision to add one of our puppies to your home, the first step is placing your nonrefundable $350 deposit. Your deposit will be applied to the total cost of your puppy or you are welcome to come meet two puppies from our pack at our Griffith location with an appointment and place your deposit in cash. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee when you arrive that the puppy you’re interested will still be available

Current puppy availability is always a question, and at this time we are in puppy heaven! We have a few litters now and would love to learn a bit about our puppies new homes which is why we have a puppy application.

​If you're a veteran small breed dog owner, we don't want to waste your time regaling things you already know; by the same token, if this is your first puppy or first small breed dog, we want to make sure you leave prepared for what life with a puppy may bring.

Great question! To purchase one of our cute puppies, you must do the following:

   Submit a Puppy Application

          Due to the high volume of puppy applications we receive, please reach out to us after you complete the application!

          Please Note: Your application does not need to be approved. We collect the information used in the application for

          documents that you'll sign later!

   Submit a Financing Application (If you plan to pay with Financi

   Pay a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on our website for an available pu

   Sign and Submit an Authorization Form

   Schedule your Puppy Pick-Up Appointment or Schedule for meeting - Don't forget a face mask, gloves, and your own ink pen!

The puppies are family too! All the puppies are either outside in the fenced in yard, playing in a puppy playpen or in their baby cribs napping. There are numerous water bowls and lots of toys!! Every one of the puppies are friendly and ready...

We do want you to know that all of our puppies come from Licensed 4 and 5 star breeders and local Hobby breeders, visited, and hand-section through a rigorous process from us. After we choose a puppy